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Cold winters and hot summer in Winnipeg can make your energy bills sky rocket. Let us help! We can improve your home's insulation and in turn reduce your heating and cooling costs.

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Attic and Roof Insulation in Winnipeg

As with all home improvements, there is a right and a wrong way to insulate. The correct method depends primarily on the function of the attic. If the attic is used as a living space, insulation needs to ensure a warm area. On the other hand, if the attic is not in use or only used for storage, a cold environment is more suitable. The placement of the insulation will depend on whether a "cold" or "warm" attic is most suitable. For "cold" attics, insulation is mainly placed in the floor to keep warm air from escaping through the ceiling of the home below. If the area is being used for storage, it is best to ensure that the items will be able to withstand the cold in winter. "Warm" attics will require the installation of insulation in the ceiling of the attic to prevent hot air from escaping through the roof of the home. This creates the ideal environment for a space that can function as a playroom, bedroom or any additional living space.

Replacing Attic Insulation

Existing insulation that has been in place for an extended period of time simply might not be as effective as new insulation. Older insulation may have deteriorated while newer, modern insulation materials and techniques provide for better quality insulation in the home. For really old homes, the insulation may be harmful or hazardous as it probably contains asbestos which in the past was the preferred material for insulation. It is recommended to call an insulation expert to identify the risk, deal with the hazardous material as well as provide insulation replacement options.

How Long Will The Attic Spray Foam Insulation Installation Process Take?

This is dependent on a range of factors such as the size of the home and whether old, or hazardous materials need to be removed first. However, in most cases, a professional installation team can complete the project in a matter of hours. The experts will ensure that they provide the highest quality service so that the homeowner gets the greatest benefit.

How Long Will It Take For The Insulation To Pay For Itself?

Having an attic insulated is one of the home improvement solutions that does really "pay for itself". With an estimated 25% saving on a power bill every month, it shouldn't be long before the cost of the insulation installation is recovered. The primary reason that most homeowners choose insulation as their first and main step to conserve energy expenditure in the home is that it is the most affordable option.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Insulating An Attic?

It should go without saying that an insulated home will provide a more comfortable living environment that is naturally warmer in winter and cooler during the hot, summer months. There will simply be less requirement for heating and cooling to provide the most comfortable indoor climate. In addition, energy efficient spray foam insulation will add value to the property and attract more potential buyers when the time comes to sell. The latest research confirms that home buyers prefer to purchase houses that are insulated and conserve energy. Insulating is a cost-effective investment in your home. The best part is that Manitoba Hydro will pay a large part of the insulation cost through the Power Smart Home Insulation Program.