Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

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Spray foam insulation is a great product on the market today. There are numerous benefits that come with this type insulation. In fact, it helps build some of the most efficient and comfortable homes. When done properly, spray foam can outperform almost all other types of insulation products on the market. It’s a pity that many homeowners who are intimidated by the cost and commitment of using spray foam shy away from this product. Here are some of the pros and cons of spray foam insulation.
This product is developed from two types of composite materials such as isocyanate and polyurethane. These two materials will chemically react to form a substance that expands and hardens quickly. Both these materials are sprayed from a tip of a spray foam gun at the same time. This allows them to expand and create a protective layer of insulation over the desired area. Spray foam insulation is categorized into two types such as open cell and closed cell. Open cell is denser and inexpensive compared to the closed cell version of foam. Although closed cell foam is expensive, they come with numerous advantages compared to the other.
Spray foam is far superior to most of the other insulation materials on the market today. The expansive nature of the product helps 100% seal nooks and crannies in your attic or crawl space. No other material can boast of a 100% success rate when sealing nooks and crannies in the attic. In fact, the resistance value of spray foam is ranked at R-6 which is the highest ranking on the market in this day and age. That way you can save a significant amount of energy over time. The energy savings are estimated at more than 50% with spray foam insulation whereas other materials could guarantee only a 25% saving.
Holes and cracks on the attic can result in moisture gaining access to these areas. That’s where spray foam insulation comes in handy. It can protect the attic and other areas of your home from airborne moisture and leaks. Mold is a common problem with the build up of excessive moisture. Mold can spread rapidly and cause numerous respiratory illnesses to you and your family. Spray foam insulation can prevent the spreading of mold and mildew in your home.
Spray foam insulation is eco-friendly since it helps reduce energy consumption and create a green household. It also has an indefinite lifespan compared to most of the other insulation materials out there. These are some of the important advantages of spray foam insulation.
The main disadvantage of spray foam insulation is its upfront cost. Other cons are:

. Spray foam insulation is not a do it yourself project.
. The installation process takes longer.
. The payback is 2-4 years.
. The installation process could be messier compared to most other insulation processes.
The aforementioned article provides information on some of the important advantages of spray foam insulation. It is one of the best insulation products on the market today.