Check Out These Wonderful Places To Visit In Winnipeg Manitoba

In Winnipeg by Dan

Are you preparing for a big trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba? If so, you want to know what all there is to do there. The best places to visit in Winnipeg certainly include the top attractions, so let’s get started looking at them. Did you know that Winnipeg is the capital city? Yes it is, and you are going to have so much fun exploring everything the city has to offer.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is one of the top places to visit. It is located on Israel Asper Way, and it is a very modern and futuristic looking building according to the picture on a top travel site. A guided tour is available, and you also might like to know that the reviews say that there are interactive displays. Remember, this is a museum, and it is certainly a good place to visit, one of the top attractions in the capital city.

Now let’s see what the next attraction is and what is in store for you. The Manitoba Legislative Building is a good one, and it is located at 450 Broadway. The Manitoba Legislative Building offers a tour, and so now you have two places to visit with guided tours. Listen, it can be fun to explore, but you want to be able to know what to do. Those guided tours can surely help.

The Forks National Historic Site is another top place to visit, and it is located on Forks Market Road. This is a children’s museum, and guess what. It is located in the same vicinity as the human rights museum. One reviewer talks about the area having a bunch of converted old buildings, and that is certainly neat. You will enjoy the tour of the area in general. Image result for the forks

Then there is the Manitoba Museum, and it is located on Rupert Avenue. Reviewers mention that the museum features great exhibitions and all kinds of things to see. You are going to want to visit more than just museums, but they are a great place to start. As you can tell, there is much more to the areas where the museums are located. What else is there to explore in Winnipeg, Manitoba?

Image result for Royal Canadian MintHave you heard of the Royal Canadian Mint? You are privy to having a tour guide for this facility, too. One reviewer clarified one thing you get to see there, and that is the fact you get to see coins being made. That is neat, and it sounds like it would be a great stop. Yes, as always, there is a gift shop for souvenirs. Now, let’s get to looking at one more top attraction.

It is Shaw Park, and you can find it on Portage Avenue East. Catch a baseball game and have fun with the family. This and other attractions are going to be sights to behold and enjoy. Have fun while vacationing in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and you are surely going to see that there is much more to do than what was even described here.



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