What Is Spray Foam Insulation And Why Do You Need It?

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Many people do not know the advantages of using spray foam insulation in their homes. Hence, they shy away from the practice. In truth, spray foam insulation is the most effective type of insulation available in this day and age. It outperforms all other types of insulation quite easily. This article provides information on what is spray foam insulation and why do you need it.

This insulation method uses two types of composite materials – isocyanate and polyurethane – to prepare the foam. These two materials would chemically react with each other when combined and produce a substance that expands and hardens quickly. A spray foam gun is used to spray both these materials simultaneously allowing them to expand and form a protective layer. This layer will expand over the desired area and harden. There are two types of spray foam insulation such as open cell and closed cell. Open cell is denser and less expensive compared to closed cell insulation. Even though the closed cell process is more expensive, it has numerous benefits compared to the open cell process. Here are some of the major advantages of closed cell spray foam insulation.Guy doing spray foam insulation in an attic

Spray foam insulation is the best insulation method available in this day and age. Due to its expansive nature, spray foam will seal all nooks and crannies that may have been left open if you used another type of insulation material. The resistance value or the ability to provide an air-tight seal of spray foam is ranked as R-6 which is the highest rank for any insulation material on the market today. This allows a home or business to save on their energy bills over time. In fact, spray foam is supposed to save more than 50% of your energy expenses over time. On the other hand, most of the other insulation materials will save only between 25-30% on your energy bills. That’s why you need to invest in spray foam insulation without further delay.

Professional Spray Foam Insulation for Homes in ManitobaSpray foam can seal any type of hole or crack in your crawl space or attic for that matter. In fact, air leaks are considered one of the main reasons for higher energy bills in your home. This insulation material will create an air-tight seal that is 24 times less permeable to air infiltration compared to most of the other types of insulation materials on the market. If the cracks and holes in your attic are not sealed, moisture can creep into these spaces. But spray foam will seal the spaces so that water cannot enter these areas. This will prevent the growth of mold and mildew in the crawl spaces of your home. Mold is responsible for creating numerous negative health situation for you and your family. Hence, spray foam will help protect you and your family from being affected by numerous respiratory illnesses caused due to mold and mildew.